What is the Importance of Festivals in India? Which are the Most Important Festivals in India?

Importance of Festivals

Welcome friends, through this article, you will come to know today how much festivals are important in India. Festivals are as much important for the people of India as the air for a person to live and in this article, I will tell you why festivals are so important for the people of India, though there are many such festivals in India that Indians celebrate. I will tell you about a few festivals which are very important in India.

1. Diwali

When it comes to the Indian festivals of friends, the name of Diwali is taken first. There will be no one in India who does not celebrate Diwali. Diwali is one of the special festivals of India.

On this day it is believed that Ram Chandra, who is the God according to Hinduism, came after slaying the demon Ravana, after 14 years, by cutting the exile, whose joy was burnt by the people of Ayodhya in the city, and much fanfare Ram Ji was welcomed celebrated as Diwali.

2. Holi

Holi festival is a festival filled with colors of our country, on this day every Indian is colored in the color of each other, on this day people are called in the color of friendship by calling their enmity or friendship. It is such that makes people call their enmity.

Holi is a very special festival, in olden times there is a person named Hiranyakashyap. He was very cruel and cruel, but his son Prahlada was a Hari devotee who did not like that Hiranyakashyap at all and he made many efforts to kill him once he gave his sister Holika the task of killing Prahlada Holika.

He had a god-given sheet, which he used to cover and he also saved it from fire. Hiranyakashyap said to him, “Take Prahlada and sit in the fire, you don’t cover the sheet over yourself. You will find, but Prahlada who would not have blown the sheet, he will die by burning, when Holika did this, God had something else approved.

The sheet which was on the top of Holika flew over Prahlada and Pehalad survived the fire. Holika died in her place, from the same day Indians celebrate this day as Holi, it is a festival of colors, all of them apply colors to each other, different types of dishes are made. Holi is a great festival.

3. Dussehra

One of the major festivals, Dussehra is also a very major festival. According to the old scriptures for the countrymen, on this day Dussehra is celebrated by Sherawali Mata who killed an Asura whose name was Mahishasura. Worshiping mother praises her and a fair is held in almost all countries of India, which is very watchable on this day, Ravana in our country.

There is also the custom of burning the effigy, friends, these were some of the major festivals which are celebrated in our country of India.

There are many other festivals also that are celebrated in India like: 

  • Eid
  • Raksha Bandhan  
  • Bhai Dooj
  • Ganesh Chaturthi  
  • Janmashtami  
  • Makar Sakranti  
  • Independence Day  
  • Republic Day

Indians celebrate all these festivals with great pomp and show.

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