What is the Importance of body language in communication? Few Facts about Body Language

What is the Importance of body language

Body language is the language that says many things about a person without saying anything. Body language is considered the oldest language in the world.

Today there is more than one lakh language ​​in the world. Many languages ​​are ending in these languages ​​because the number of people who speak these languages ​​is decreasing.

Due to the progress and development, the influence of certain languages ​​is increasing. Due to which, languages ​​are also ending. But in spite of all these, a language which every human being knows and inadvertently uses somewhere, this language has not had any effect till date, in today’s era, the eagerness to know this language is increasing greatly, and that Language is body language is used all over the world, but there are few people who have complete knowledge of this language.

Regardless of the variety of languages ​​spoken all over the world, body language is all the same. Yes, at some places the meanings of the expressions are different. The written history of body language is quite old. The influence of body language is even more impressive than the art presented by an artist in a very effective way.

The effect of body language is spoken by mouth is much more and longer effect than any language. When a beautiful girl looks at a boy with great admiration or goes to that boy, unforgettable. This girl could not say with her mouth, nor could the boy be so impressed by the words the girl uttered.

Usually, people use gestures very easily in their life, but they do not understand that the gesture they are using is called body language. The way to call someone with hand gestures, stop an auto rickshaw by showing hands, scare someone with eyes, say something bad to someone by looking at the feet, rob them with a punch, challenge someone with a beat, play someone in the city.

There are many gestures that are used by people unknowingly. Handshake is the first form of contact with someone. Through this, one’s nature, personality, influence, life, etc. can be easily understood. Realizing the hardness and softness of the hands, the work done by it can also be understood. Dirty and clean hands reveal his hygiene and the living conditions of his home.

Apart from hands, facial expressions also play an important role in saying something. Feelings arising on the face reflect happiness, sorrow, confusion, trouble, disappointment. A person’s eyes tell even more things than that. Therefore, the eyes are called the mirror of a person’s character.

Research in body language has revealed this. The word that a human being cannot do with the mouth, the body automatically says it with physical activities and gestures. Like when we are scared or scared, we jerk our eyes and start trembling.

According to body language, the words of any person are more effective when their manner of saying is effective. Meaning it doesn’t matter what he is saying, it matters how he is saying it. According to research, words contribute only 7% of the influence of someone’s words. While the rest is from non-verbal signals, gestures, voice tone, facial expressions.

Experts also say that silence speaks more than words, really silence speaks more than words, if you want to try it, you can definitely try it, so it is said that one should always be natural.

Reading one’s face is a psychological task. But not everyone is a psychologist who can read anyone’s face and tell about the front. But in spite of not being a psychologist, there is a bit of testing inside everyone. By which he recognizes the nature of the front. People easily find out whether the person in front is happy or angry today.

If you pay attention to someone’s face, then you will easily understand what is going on in his heart and mind. His facial expressions will say openly. Humans try a million, but it is not able to stop the reaction of thoughts arising inside them. In reading the face, the eyes, nose, eyebrows, etc. all have an important place in their respective places, in all these eyes have a special place. Because the eyes cry and are also angry.

Many people mix with each other quickly. The reason for this is their correct body language, that whenever you meet anyone, talk to them in their own language. You will not be able to mingle with them until you can speak in front of them in their language. That is to say, if you want to meet someone, then you have to treat them the same way.

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