Online Railway Ticket Booking is very easy but then very few people do Online Railway Ticket Booking & Cancellation. Because very few people know what IRCTC is? And how to use it? If you want to book a train ticket to Delhi, Mumbai or any city, then for this you do not need to go to any ticket booking counter at the railway station. You can book tickets by ticket availability and train inquiry from a phone.

Online Railway Ticket Booking is of great benefit to all. Because if someone does online Railway Ticket Booking, then there is no need to go to Ticket Booking Center and do not waste time, and then and now Indian Government is also offering a discount on Online Ticket Booking.

For Online Railway Ticket Booking, you can do your Online Railway Ticket Booking on the IRCTC website or Android app. When I am going to tell you about the Android app, then you will have to book the Online Railway Ticket Booking, but before knowing about it, let us know this.

What is IRCTC:

IRCTC is full form Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

There is a branch of Indian Railway which handles online railway ticket booking, catering work. Till now IRCTC used to make e-ticket booking only from the website but now the Android App of IRCTC has been launched, now through this, online railway ticket booking can also be done.

There are 5,50,000 to 6,00,000 bookings every day and anyone can book a train ticket sitting at home by creating an account on IRCTC and they do not even need to take a printout of the ticket. A ticket booking confirmation message can also be shown .

IRCTC Rail Connect Mobile App:

This is the Android app of IRCTC which has been launched under Digital India to promote Cashless Payment System, from this app you can book Online Railway Ticket from your Smartphone. With its help, you can book a ticket for 24 hours from anywhere in India.

IRCTC Connect App has some popular features like,

  • Direct App for Registration
  • Search Train & book ticket
  • Track Train & Cancel Ticket
  • Upcoming Journey Alerts
  • Check Ticket Availability
  • Book Meal
  • Book Flight Ticket

How to create an IRCTC Account ?:

If to book a ticket with IRCTC Connect App. So for this, you will have to create an account on the IRCTC application, which is absolutely free and you can create an account at any place from both the website or the app.

Just a few steps have to be followed after that Ticket Booking (Reservation, Non-Reservation), Cancellation, Train Status, Inquiry can do anything from the Connect app.

If you want to create an account on mobile, then you can use the IRCTC mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS and if you are creating a web browser then it is just like a social media account.

After registering the account, you are absolutely ready to set up an FB account like you can create an IRCTC account in the same way and it is easier than setting up the WhatsApp account.

IRCTC Ticket Booking Tips & Guide:

There is no facility for an online general train ticket right now, if you have to book a general ticket, then you have to go to the railway station. But if you want to do a reservation or tatkal train ticket booking. So there is no better option than IRCTC for you.

Benefits of IRCTC Booking:

  • Knowing at the railway station, you will be saved from standing in the hour line.
  • The railway station nearest to many people’s home is quite far away and it takes hours to reach there. In such a situation, you can make your reservation from mobile sitting at home.
  • Tatkal tickets are very difficult for people to book because many people are unable to reach the station at the right time before the ticket ends. But as soon as you get the Tatkal ticket counter open from IRCTC at 11:00 am, you can book immediately.

How to Book Train Ticket?

Booking the IRCTC online ticket is very easy and if you do not know more about the technology, you can still book the ticket easily.

Step 1. Open the app and log in.

Step 2. Click on the icon with the Train Ticket.

Step 3. Enter information about where to travel (source) and as far as Destination (Example – if you have to go from Lucknow to Mumbai then write Lucknow in the first and Mumbai in the second field) and together To travel on the date, select the date.

Step 4. Now on the screen, information about the timing and ticket availability of all the trains that will be on that root will be shown, which has some measure.

  • WL – Waiting List
  • RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation

Step 5. If both these names are not there, then it means confirm ticket is available and you just click on that train and enter information like name, age, gender and book the ticket. You can pay through UPI App, Net Banking or Debit card.

Ticket Cancellation Charge:

Railway reservation cancellation is often necessary for us because we do tickets 15 days to 2 months before the journey and in such a situation, if our plan suddenly gets canceled, then we have to cancel the ticket and there are some rules of e-ticket cancellation.

If you cancel the ticket 48 hours before the train departure.

  • For AC First Class / Executive Class tickets, cancellation charge Rs. 240 + GST.
  • For AC Tier 2 Class tickets, cancellation charge Rs. It will be 200 + GST.
  • For AC Tier 3 Class tickets, cancellation charge Rs. It will be 180 + GST.
  • For Sleeper class tickets, cancellation charge Rs. Would be 120
  • If you cancel the ticket 12 hours before the train departure.
  • For AC All Class tickets, the cancellation charge will be 25% base fare + GST.

Friends, in this post about the latest Launch Android App of IRCTC, Online Railway Ticket Booking, which has been made by Indian Railway in a hurry. Which is to help promote Cashless Payment System and help people in booking Railway Ticket. Hope you liked this post and must have been helpful for you, if you have any suggestion or idea about this post, then you must comment us.


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