What Are The Danger Effects Of Using Headphones? How To Prevent The Danger Effects Of Using Headphones?

What Are The Danger Effects Of Using Headphones

We all know that technology is an important part of our essential life. We can’t think about without technology to live our life. In many ways, the world simply gets better because technology has the ability to create a higher standard of living. There are many things to have fully combine with us. Among this technology we all have one is called Headphone/Earphone.

Headphones are used to hear sounds, mp3 player & that kind of thing people have required to use this technology. The purpose of the headphone is to concentrate a quiet & private sound in the ear of the listener. Headphones have high-quality sound bass & that is the danger key of headphones. The fact is that they can produce very loud levels of sounds to very close to your Auditory Canal(Ear Canal).

If headphones are used too long or play music loudly then it can damage your hearing power. Our ears are capable to take 500-4000Hz sound approximately. When the sounds web reaches our ears, they cause the eardrum to vibrate. It is the sad truth that the road accidents are increasing day by day for the abuse of headphones.

When we are talking on mobiles we use the phone most of the closeness to our ears and that is very dangerous, the Brain Tumor will start with that, but when we use the headphone to talk, that possibilities are very low. That is the good side to use headphone. If headphones are using long times everyday then it can infection your ears. Pain in ears is common problem for us that can also come from headphones.

Does Left & Right matter on headphones? 

The L on the earphone is the Left sound channel. Wear the left ear in the stereo sound output of electronic equipment, the Left channel and the right channel can broadcast the same or different sounds respectively, and produce the stereo sound change effect from left to right and right to left

Are headphones bad for brain? 

Actually headphones are not as much of risk as earbuds are. Earbuds can damage your hearing just like other noise around you can disturb your listening power. But sometimes loud sounds can hammer your brain.

Some important way to use headphone properly

  • Outside the ear Headphones are the better options as unlike Earbuds which deliver music directly into the ear, they provide somewhat of a buffing space between the music and the music and the Auditory Canal(Ear Canal). Therefore our Tympanic Membrane(Ear Membrane) will safe.
  • When we provide to hear sounds, mp3 then we should use low sound.
  • We should avoid earphones when we are crossing roads and walking on the road. That precaution is important.
  • Clean your buds on the regular – Still, it’s important to keep them from getting dirty. “They should be wiped down & cleaned atleast once a week.”
  • Headphones should not be shared. If someone uses your headphone then you should sanitize your headphone.
  • You should use headphones 60 minutes(1 Hour) a day. 
  • Give your ears time to recover.
  • Stop using cotton swabs in your ears.
  • Keep your ears dry.
  • Don’t use one plug working headphone. It’s pressuring your one ear & will damage your ear.

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