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Famous Brands Full-Form

It is a very searched question. If you want to know what is Google Full form? And what does the logo & name of all significant brand companies mean with it? Then you are exactly right. Here some companies have been told about the name Full-Form which is the most famous in the world, and questions related to these often seen.

The logo and name of the world's biggest and famous brand company made with a specific definition. For general awareness, the meaning and full form of the logo and name of all the big companies should be known. Interviews often asked about them.

Google built from Googol Word. Googol means 1 with 100 Zero, and whenever you do a Query search on the Google Search engine, Goooooooooogle comes down by typing. It means 100 Zero Include in Google Word.


Google Full Form:

G: Global

O: Organization

O: Of Oriented

G: Group

L: Language Of

E: Earth

History of Google

Google full form, you all know, today it is the world's largest internet search engine, and every minute million peoples search for their questions on this. Whether someone searches the link to download the latest movies or some searches, the ways to cook, etc.

But do you know How did Google become such a big search engine? Who are the peoples behind this, and when did it start?

  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin created the Google project for their Ph.D. in 1996 and developed a technology for its PageRank algorithm on which Google works.
  • domain first registered on 14 September 1997, and precisely one year later, it became a corporate company.
  • In 2000, Google Adword and Adsense adverting platforms launched, which at that time worked on the Pay Per Click methodology.
  • In 2004, Google launched Gmail, a free webmail service, which is the most popular mail service today.
  • Your favorite web browser was Google Chrome launched in 2008, and today it is the most popular web browser.

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Famous Brand & Full Form:

Like Google, there are many popular brand companies about which you all know but may not know about their Full Form,

IBM Full Form:

I: International

B: Business

M: Machine

International Business Machines Corporation is an American company and the oldest computer company in the world, which has been around for more than 100 years. IBM works on both computer hardware and software technology.

Adidas Full Form:

Adidas owns Famous Fashion & Sports Company. This company named after the founder of Adidas. Adolf "Adi" Dassler.

AMUL Full Form:

Amul owns the Famous India Dairy Product Manufacturing Company. Perhaps no one can guess from its name that it will also have full form.

A: Anand

M: Milk

U: Union

L: Limited

BMW Full Form:

Everyone wishes to have a BMW car, and it is the most expensive and superior German company in the world.

B: Bayerische

M: Motoren

W: Werke

KFC Full form:

If you are fond of eating Non-Veg, then you must have gone to KFC because you will find it in every big city in India and it is a very famous restaurant where people want to go once.

K: Kentucky

F: Fried

C: Chicken

HDFC Bank Full Form:

H: Housing

D: Development

F: Finance

C: Corporation

HP Full Form:

H: Hewlett

P: Packard

NDTV Full Form:

N: New

D: Delhi

TV: Television

AMD Full Form:

AMD's Famous Processor & Micro Device is a manufacturer like Intel, and after Intel, AMD is the most used in computers.

A: Advance

M: Micro

D: Devices

IMDB Full Form:

IMDB Amazon, Inc. It is a product of the world's most famous Movies Review & Rating Website. Here you will get information about every one of the movies in the world.

I: Internet

M: Movies

DB: Database

MRF Full Form:

M: Madras

R: Rubber

F: Factory

Vodafone Full Form:

Vo: Voice

Da: Data

Fone: Telefone

Wipro Full Form:

W: Western

I: India

Pro: Products

PVR Cinema Full Form:

P: Priya

V: Village

R: Roadshow

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