Get Naked: Top 10 Reasons You Should Wear Your Birthday Suit

Birthday Suit

We set aside getting naked only for intimacy or bathing. But it’s time to learn something from children who find it normal to get undressed and playfully run around naked.

Children do well in a birthday suit. But as they grow up, they learn and gain some social dignity. They don’t want to go naked again. They typically encumber their bodies with clothes.

Many people believe that the more clothes you wear the better, that the body squirms without dresses; Yet, getting stripped regularly have significant benefits for you.

What is to ‘’Get Naked?’’

To get naked is the act of taking all of your clothing off, so you remain with no piece of cloth on your body.

Why We Should Cherish Being Naked

We should feel great being naked because It’s the way we entered the world, and nature intends us to remain nude.

We can find out this by explaining the natural touch that we experience when we feel the wind, sun, and water against our bare bodies.

Let’s now look at the top 10 reasons everyone needs to get into their birthday suit. But before we get there, I have highlighted some activities you can get yourself involved in public while nude.

Birthday Suit Activities:

  • You can sleep with your partner and hug your buddies
  • Visit nude beaches
  • You can do sunbathing
  • Visit clothes-free resorts
  • Don’t forget about skinny dipping
  • Practice Yoga at home
  • Try getting a massage with all your clothing off.
  • Involve in communal bathing. There’s also what we call nude runs. You can take part and have fun.
  • Advance to the naked yoga classes
  1. To let Your Vagina Breathe

You want to boost the health of your vagina, then leave your rear regions naked more often. You can achieve this by going nude or you can get naked under your dress.

Avoid some underclothes as they are made of materials that are not breathable. It’s clear that underwear made of synthetic fibers causes the highest urinary tract infections and irritated skin in women. According to the study from a trusted source.

You could think about cotton underwear as your option, but the cotton lays the ground for bacteria to breed. The bacteria can cause serious diseases that you don’t want to encounter as they affect your health.

Shaving or frequent use of thong may cause irritation. Therefore, let your skin take breaths by going without pants as it also helps your vagina to gain its pH balance naturally.

  1. To Help Burn Fats.

Did you know that your shoulders and neck regions are your body’s major supply of fat cells? Aka the Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT).

Exposing your body to the sun’s rays flourishes the BAT, thus killing the bad fat cells (white adipose tissue).

Then, wearing no clothes enhances this proliferation process and leaves you in good health.

This is easy as you do not have to get completely naked, no, it’s not difficult to expose your neck and shoulders to the sun’s rays. You can do that in the comfort of your seat while walking or you can lie on the ground anywhere you feel comfortable.

  1.  To Economize

To economize is it a strong term not to have used? Oh no! I mean, going naked is like any other adjustments you can make to save a few dollars. To realize how much you can save, then you have to go naked more often.

You can do some simple calculations on how much effort, time, and the cash you spend on washing your clothing.

You will not have to spend money to buy new clothing, detergents, and any labor related to ensuring your wear is clean since you spend most of your time wearing nothing.

  1.  It Improves Your Immunity.

Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays enables your body to gain and increase its vitamin D levels. Vitamin D equips your body ready to fight diseases.

Be careful not to burn yourself in the scorching sun, it’s dangerous for your skin. Always use the morning and evening hours or any other time, depending on the weather on that day.

So, being naked outside of your evasive place where you can find exposure to the sun improves your immune system.

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Vitamin D enhances the immune system and fights inflammation
  • It fights depression
  • It helps prevent diabetes 1 and 2.
  • Helps in hypertension treatment
  • Helps in weight lose
  • Strengthens muscles
  1. It’s Fun to Get Naked.

Many could have varied opinions on this, but what if you find it comfortable and adulatory while naked? Then your life would become more fun. Wouldn’t it be?

Try it, go naked and you will realize how beautiful you are, also, you will be eager to do things that you wouldn’t dare with your pants on. For example, it’s not fun to try sunbathing while in a dress or to go for a massage. These two activities need you to be in your birthday suit.

  1. It Helps Heal Cracked Nipples and Encourages Lactating

For the mothers who are breastfeeding, it’s obvious to crack a nipple. Hence, going freestyle and letting your breasts spend some time uncovered after a nursing period is essential.

Your bosoms will air-dry, thus;

  • Fostering the healing of the nipple cracks, and
  • It reduces the risk of a mastitis disease.

Feel free, do not stuff, and confine your breasts in a bra that can get soaked with fluid, it’s not good for your health.

  1. It Stimulates Love

When was the last time you had intimacy with your partner with the lights on? Many prefer dim lights because they are too conscious about their looks. They care much about what their partner thinks of their bodies.

Studies show that mothers bond with her baby during skin-to-skin breastfeeding. As they come in contact, they stimulate the ‘love’ hormone called oxytocin. This is also true in adults. Besides, a well maintained physical contact connects your emotions.

If you want to encourage and take your intimacy a level higher, start by changing your school of thought, let your buddy see and appreciate how your body looks. Come on! Take off your clothes and enjoy amazing intercourse in the buff.

  1. It’s a Goodnight, Farewell

We all want quality sleep, especially after a stressful day, perhaps to relax by having a nap, or you want to fall asleep as a normal routine at night.

Studies show that the body decreases its temperatures to initiate sleep. Therefore, during hot seasons, sleep naked to avoid sweating caused by the body’s extra insulation and increased metabolism reaction during sleep.

Our bodies have a lot to accomplish when we sleep including, the eradication of toxins, growing cells, and to burn excess fats.

  1. To Promote Your Self-esteem

A study has it all that you can raise your self-esteem and body image by spending some time naked.

Why not start getting into your natural suit? You will develop self-satisfaction and not to mention, show me a person with high self-esteem, and I will show you a cheerful person.

  1. To Enhance a Healthier Skin and Entire Privates

Having talked about letting your private breath, we got to go deeper and touch on the effects of wearing tight clothes and underwear made of synthetic fabrics. They suffocate the skin and cause rashes and pores.

The sweat emanates from your rear section, which can combine with the moisture created by a panty, thus causing skin conditions, such as yeast and jock itch infections.

There’s nothing as disgusting as experiencing pores around your nether region… So, you can improve the skin-health, let your skin exhale and it will naturally detox by stripping, especially at night.

Health Risks of Wearing Tight Underwear

  • Wearing tight clothes like underwear for so long can hinder proper blood circulation.
  • Causes Urinary Tract Infection (UTIs)
  • It also causes skin diseases
  • Tight clothing also affects your sperm count.
  • It hinders air circulation, thus leading to suffocation.
  • It causes vaginal Infections.
  • Could be the source of your heartburn.

Wrapping Up

A birthday suit is the cheapest to afford. I can confidently compare it to the price of the air we breathe. Besides, the natural suit is the most expensive to walk around with. This suit is like a leaf of gold; you cannot recklessly expose your treasure as you walk down the street. You are going to raise eyebrows.

However, where and how to spend time stripped is your choice. Do whatever it feels comfortable to you.

If spending time naked makes you squirm and feel nauseous, don’t do it, but don’t consider stripping as worthless.

Try a free suit. For instance, you can start by going nude as you sleep, walk in your inner chambers while naked, then move on and prepare some meals, still in your birthday suit, go to your balcony. And eventually, you will find yourself in public. Remember, here you ought to be careful as you may have to wear some clothes!

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