Top 10 Home Based Small Business Ideas in 2021/2022

1. Landscaping Services

If you have a rake and don't mind working outside, this is a great opportunity for you. Although people hire dirt scrapers to help them mow in their yards, most dirt scrapers put aside a lot of work that homeowners can't yet handle, such as leaves.

Shoveling snow, weeding. Plant, hang or remove Christmas decorations, e.t.c. With work gloves, a ladder, and a few other items, you're ready for business.

2. Work Service

The global economic situation has busier most people than ever before. They have to manage their time between long working hours, commute between two or more workplaces, handle tasks at home, and juggle responsibilities.

However, there are many such tasks that time will not allow you to complete. By starting a business that works for busy people, you will make a good amount of profit. With a car and your cell phone, you are good to go. Do good deeds and word of mouth about your business will spread quickly.

3. Computer Maintenance and Repair

Are you a technology expert? Or do you have a habit of repairing electronic products? So there is no limit to the benefits you can get from starting a computer repair and maintenance business.  

The growing number of laptops, tablets, and smartphones means that there are many opportunities for you to provide services such as software installation, desktop cleaning, hard drive cleaning, printer connections, and teaching on how to use computers and tablets.

4. Cleaning Service

This is a business that can pay up to $40 per hour. Profitable, isn't it?  So if you are someone who loves to clean, you will explode into a gold mine by starting a cleaning service. A cleaning business is recession-proof. Whatever the economy may say, people will always hire you for cleaning and housekeeping.

5. Energy Efficiency Consultant

Due to the high cost of energy, homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to cut costs by reducing their energy bills. This is a problem that worries many homeowners constantly. Then you will make money by helping them solve the problem.

If you have good experience in utilities and construction, you have valuable services to offer; Advise and help homeowners install smart meters, isolate their wiring, reduce water usage, and more.

6. Recycling

A useless laptop can't be useless after all. Its copper, steel, and other components cost much more than you can imagine. But most people don't know how to recycle their things. Then again, they would love to throw them.

If you can start collecting old computers, electronics, ink cartridges, and other recyclable items, you'll not only make money, but you'll do the earth a huge favor. All you need is a van and a good local advertising campaign to start this business.

7. Pet Sitting Service

Most pet owners consider pets to be humans as well.  And they are always willing to spend on your welfare, recession or not. So if you love animals and have always been comfortable with them, you have a lot of work up your sleeve; Which also means a lot of money.

If you provide services that your customers are satisfied with, your business will grow exponentially as pet owners will recommend your services to other pet owners.

8. Virtual Assistance

Most office professionals and corporate executives are too busy to handle many tasks, many clients to attend, many phone calls to attend, and many meetings to attend.

If you have a good background in clerical work, you will make a lot of money doing tasks like opening and answering emails of these busy people, preparing speeches, reports, and presentations, preparing invoices and customer invoices, etc. An encouraging fact about this business is that you can do it right from your home, as virtual assistants work remotely.

9. Translation

Most developed countries are becoming increasingly multilingual, and the only way to reach the possibilities of speaking a foreign language is by interacting with companies in their languages.

Although many companies require translators from time to time, they cannot afford to have them on staff. Therefore, if you can speak a foreign language, many companies will be more than happy to contact you for translation work.

10. Remote Accounting

If you have a good accounting background, you can offer remote accounting services to businesses that cannot hire a staff accountant.

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