Top 10 Cutest Animals you never knew

There are many animals in the whole world, and each one is different from another in traits, habitat, eating habits, behavior, and other things. When we talk about animals other than pets, the first word we think of is dangerous.

Many people fear animals because they see them as fierce and dangerous beings, but many animals are cute in appearance, behavior, and actions. They are usually harmless and friendly to humans and other species. So, some people also take them as pets because of their unique traits. Some are cute but also dangerous to make them pets.

Today we will talk about some of these cutest animals in the world.

1: Cats

Almost all of us know cats as it is quite a popular domestic animal other than dogs. Did you notice it is a cute animal with an adorable face and naughty personality? Cats make humans want to take care of them because of their cute and playful characteristics.

They make great pets for people such as alone, in distress, fearful, and shy of other people. Sometimes it will give you a headache with its actions, and sometimes it will be very caring. They are very affectionate to their owners or companions and sincerely love their human owners and companions.

Try to avoid household cleaners like bleach, surface/toilet cleaners, and other such things on your cats, as they can be harmful. Cats are meat eaters and like to eat freshly cooked meat. They also love to eat other things like yogurt, ice cream, and dairy products.

All in all, it is a cute animal with glistening eyes. We can find it all over the world except Antarctica.

2: Red Panda

Most of us know about pandas as the Chinese pandas with black and white fur but do you know about Red Pandas. If you know Red Panda, you can testify that they are adorable with their shy nature.

They look like raccoons, but they are not raccoons or one of their species. Like Balck & White Pandas, they also love to eat bamboo and leaves, and in fruits, they usually eat apples and grapes. They are not domesticated animals and thus are not suitable as pets for many reasons. It is illegal to own them as pets, but some people still take them as pets but keep them in cages.

They are an endangered species like Black&White Pandas, with less than 10,000 remaining in the world. The cause of their decreasing number is habitat loss, degradation, human interference, and poaching. They usually can be found in the Eastern Himalayas in places like China, Nepal, and Bhutan.

3: Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox is the smallest fox that lives up to 14 years long. With large ears, Fennec Foxes are super cute compared to other foxes. They have a delicately pointed snout and an adorable face. 

As good social animals, they can make good pets. Sometimes, they behave like active and playful little dogs. They can and do bite if startled or irritated. Their bite might not cause injury, but that can hurt badly. 

Avoid giving them human food like carrot, oat, grain, and corn. Fennec Foxes also like to eat meat, eggs, and insects, as well as plants.

They prefer arid regions with deserts grasses or scrub vegetation. They live in the Sahara Desert, the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, the Arava and Negev desert in Israel.

4: Rabbit

Another adorable animal we often see in our daily life is Rabbit. They have a soft, medium-light fur appearance and are generally short-furred. Some rabbits are as tall as a toddler.

Rabbits are usually gentle, but they do not fit as pets because they do not like cuddling. Improper handling can cause fatal injuries to them because their bones are delicate.

They like carrots very much. Most of the rabbits love to listen to music. When you give Pet rabbits their name, they do remember their name. They recognize their owners by sound or sight and listen to their commands. Rabbits are very fond of grooming like cats.

Avoid disturbing your rabbits when they are sleeping. Woods, forests, meadows, grasslands, deserts, tundra, and wetlands are where you can find wild rabbits.

5: Quokka

"Happiest animal on the earth" titleholder this animal which we call Quokka found in only Australia. They are super cute with an adorable smile of theirs that makes them look joyful.

They have a super friendly nature that proves that they are lovely animals. Unfortunately, you cannot have them as pets because, in the Australian country, there is a law that prohibits having Quokka as pets.

They share similar characteristics to kangaroos such as, hopping around and carrying their offspring in a front pouch.

 Do not irritate them because they fight like little furry ninjas. They are aggressive to their enemies. Quokkas live in the southwest region of Western Australia as well as on Rottnest Island and Bald Island.

6: Japanese weasel

As the name suggests, the Japanese Weasels are native to only japan. Weasels are carnivores with needlelike teeth who commonly prey on mice, insects, fish, and frogs. Japanese weasels are adorable in looks but aggressive to those who try to hurt them. 

They are good pets as they kill many rodents a day unless you have young children around because if anyone irritates them, they become aggressive and could bite them. Their bite and claw could cause fatal damage.

 They try to avoid big cities. They live on the islands of Honshū, Kyūshū, and Shikoku. We could find them in mountainous or forested areas near water.

7: Ferret

You might be aware of these playful, mischievous, and entertaining little animals. Yes, You got it right. We are talking about ferrets. Ferrets are undeniably adorable animals with sweet faces and playful eyes.

They usually live for about 6 to 8 years, rarely 12 years. They are very social animals and are affectionate towards their owners, but it needs time to grow a bond with them. They make great pets as they behave like cats and dogs with their owners, but they can also bite, and it hurts.

They stink and poop a lot. They live in habitats like plains, forests, mountainous regions, deserts, tundra, and grasslands other than being treated as pets.

8: Slow Lorises

Like the word slow in their names, Slow Lorises move slowly and remain asleep throughout the day but only become active at night. They are omnivorous animals, so they love to eat little animals, insects, fruits, tree gum, and other vegetation.

They cannot be considered good pets due to the difficulty of breeding them in captivity. Usually, they are non-aggressive animals with cute faces. When they feel very threatened, they stop moving or become immobile. In this situation, they become aggressive and can bite. Their bite can cause illness and even death in some cases among humans because it contains venom that can rot the flesh.

They only move fast when they pounce on small mammals, insects, or birds to eat. Slow lorises usually live in the rainforests of South Asia and Southeast Asia.

9: Flapjack & Dumbo Octopus

Flapjack Octopus belongs to the species of umbrella octopus because it swims like an umbrella plummetting down the ocean. They are also known as Dumbo octopuses because they have fins similar to ears and are attached to their mantles that look similar to the ears of Disney's Dumbo character. They are one of the recently discovered animals.

Flapjack & Dumbo Octopus is super adorable. They have different natures like humans; some are shy, some are bold, some are inquisitive, and some are aggressive. They like to eat small fish, planktons, crustaceans, and worms. Unlike other octopuses, they do not have ink sacs because they rarely have a predator.

They are not suitable as pets because they can attack you and are difficult to tame. They have been found around the Eureka Bar in California at 350 m depths, Japan at 530–560 m off Kashima-Nada, the Bering Sea to the Sea of Okhotsk, to central Honshū in the northwestern regions of the Pacific Ocean, to southern parts of California in the northeastern parts of the Pacific.

10: Klipspringer

This small adorable, sturdy antelope usually lives for 15 years, but it had to survive the hunting to live this long. Not only do animals prey on them, but humans also hunt them for their meat and other parts.

Klipspringer likes to eat young plants, fruits, and flowers as they are herbivores animals. They also fulfill their need for water from succulent plants. Like other antelopes, they live in herds so they can defend themselves from other animals. They have short, spiky horns, but their unique characteristic is their delicate hoove with each about the diameter of a dime.

They could run at the speed of 70 miles per hour. Their most common alarm call is a loud whistling through the nose, but when they are fearful and in despair, they make roaring sounds with their mouths open.

They prefer to live in rocky habitats. Rocky hills or outcrops, koppies, and gorges with rocky sides in the regions of northeastern Sudan, Eritrea, northern Somalia, and the Ethiopian Highlands to the east are the places where we could usually find them.

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