Top 10 Best Sports Game You Should Have To Play

Top 10 Best Sports Game

Sports are one of the best ways to have entertainment, competitive, and efficient physical activity in the world. By showing physical and mental strength, art techniques, and healthy sports a winner can easily demonstrate his or her sporting heroism.

It is governed by specific rules or their own thought consciousness. Physical ability, skill, and dignity are the main driving force of the game. The highest level of importance in most games are recorded and always covered in the sports news. Besides, professional sports are one of the means of entertainment.

10. Cricket

As far as is known, the game of cricket started in the sixteenth century. Originally in south-east England, it became the national sport of England in the eighteenth century and national sport of England in the eighteenth century and spread throughout the world in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries’.

Although international cricket has been played since 1844, the history-recognized Test Cricket match began in 1877. After association football, cricket is followed by 2.5 billion people and the second most popular sport in the world.

The International Cricket Council, which has more than 100 members, is in charge of the world administration of the game, although only 12 of them play Test cricket.

9. Field Hockey

From the very beginning of civilization, People have been playing hockey. At least 5,000 years ago it has been confirmed that the game was in motion. The name of the game was not known as hockey then. It was then called the game of ball and stick.

In 1958 the Hockey World Cup was first played. Currently, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) is the international governing body of hockey and hosts the Hockey World Cup.

Currently, the game is played between two teams with eleven players per team on flat grass and curved sticks and balls on artificial turf. The target of each game is to move the ball with the help of the stick and enter the opponent’s goal boundary and score.

8. Tennis

Tennis is a game where two or four players play on an open, hard, and flat field. If the number of players is two, the length of the field is 6 feet and the width is 28 feet and if it is four, the length is 8 feet and the width is 36 feet.

Tennis originated from a handball game by hanging a rope in the middle of a house in ancient Greece, Italy, Egypt, Persia, and the Arabian Peninsula. To introduce specific rules for the game the United States Tennis Association (USTA) was formed in 1881.

Wimbledon, US Open, French, and Australian singles championships are the most prestigious and consecutive tournaments in the international arena. The Davis Cup is one of the most interesting tournaments in the world today which was introduced in 1900.

7. Volleyball

In 1895 William G., a New York City resident has invented Volleyball. In 1948, the International Volleyball Federation was formed in France. Volleyball is a game of ball crossing over a net conducted between two teams at home or on an open field.

A rectangular, 18 meters long and 9 meters wide court is used in volleyball. There is a steep net along the center line and the upper edge of the net is 6 feet high. The net is 9.50 meters long and 1 meter wide. The circumference of the leather ball is 75 to 8 cm and the weight is 260 to 280 grams. Each team has 9 players.

However, a maximum of three players can rally on one side of the net and send the ball to the other end of the net.

6. Table Tennis

Table tennis is another name for ping pong or gosima. They are played on tables that are 9 feet long, 5 feet wide, and 2.5 feet high. The celluloid ball used in this game is one and a half inches in diameter and weighs 1/10 ounce; the racquet has a 3-inch handle and a round piece with a diameter of 3.25 inches.

Probably in the nineteenth century, the game first gained popularity in England. Between 1905 and 1910, table tennis spread too many European countries.In many countries of the world including China, Japan, and Korea the table tennis game became so much popular in later.

In January 1928 the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was invented in Germany. In 1928, it was decided to organize a world table tennis tournament. The Olympics also include table tennis.

5. Basketball

Basketball is known worldwide as a very popular sport. The game of basketball first started in 1881 in Massachusetts, USA. The father of the game is the director of the physical education department of Pringfield YMC College in America. James Naismith. At first 10/15 people took part in the game in a group. From 1894, the rule of playing in a team of 5 people was introduced.

Round, orange balls are used to play the game on both indoor and outdoor fields. By throwing the ball in a basket or basket placed vertically in the court for collecting the points is the main purpose of basketball as a team sport.

The winner of the game is declared when the team collects the most points according to certain rules. Usually, a team is made up of 12 players but 5 players can play inside the court during the game.

4. Baseball

Baseball is an incredibly interesting and exciting sports game, where 2 teams of 9 or 10 teams take part. This entertainment is suitable for adults and children of different ages who have been able to move around the playground and try to collect as many “jugs” as possible.

The game is completed by hitting the ball with the bat and touching four bases at the corners of a 90-foot rhombus. The players of the batting team face the ball of the pitcher of the fielding team. In England in the mid-eighteenth century, the old bat-ball game was played the earliest version of baseball.

Immigrants introduced the game to North America, where a modern version was created. From the late nineteenth century, this sport has been known as the national sport of the United States

3. Badminton

Badminton is a kind of racquet sport. It is played individually or in pairs. The player collects the score by throwing the shuttlecock on his opponent’s court with the help of a racket.

When the shuttlecock touches the ground a really ends. In the mid-nineteenth century, British army officers stationed in India invented the game. They launched the game by adding a net to England’s traditional game Battle door and Shuttlecock.

Pune is another name for this game as it was very popular in the British garrison city Pune. The game gained widespread popularity in England in the late nineteenth century.

2. Golf

A game of golf club and ball, in which the players try to throw the ball into a certain hole with the help of the club. Golfers are called golfers. And the golf course does not have a definite shape like the ten ball game. Golf is played in an open field, called a golf course.

A golf course usually has 9 to 16 holes. There is a T-box for each hole, from where the game starts. A game of golf can be both singles and team. In singles, the player who can win all the holes with the least number of injuries is declared the winner.

This is called stroke play. Team play, on the other hand, is called match play so that the team that wins the most holes is declared the winner.

1. Boxing

Boxing Boxing may not be as popular as it once was in America but it is still well liked throughout the entire world.

Over the past decade the combination of the rise of Mixed Martial Arts along with the decline of quality fighters who box have contributed to sports decline in popularity here in the U.S. and it shows by the fact that just under 2,000,000 Americans participated in the sport in 2012.

However worldwide that number jumped to over 21,000,000 with most of its combatants hailing from across the pond in Europe where boxing still remains larger than life.

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