What is the Importance Of Water? Why Do We Need To Save The Water?

Importance Of Water


Water is one of the most essential natural resources for sustaining both plant’s and animal’s life. Humans use water for various purposes. Besides drinking, bathing, washing, and cooking; Water is used for irrigation.

Water is helpful in generating electricity ( hydropower ), A large amount of water is required in Industries like drugs, paper, Fertilisers, petroleum​ refining and for construction of buildings and many more. Like Air , clean drinking water is essential for the good health of all living things, especially human beings but a large number of activities of man are polluting the water.

Water is available in abundance and is renewable . Then why do we suffer from water scarcity? The availability of water differs from place to place due to variation in seasonal and annual precipitation, but scarcity of water is mainly caused by overpopulation, increasing demands for food and cash crops, Urbanisation and rising standard of living.

The excessive use of fresh water has led to the drying up of water sources and water pollution. Water exists mainly in three forms — Water vapor, water in oceans, rivers, and ice in the glaciers and ice caps.

Three-fourth of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, but only a small proportion of freshwater can be put to use. Water is precious. It is very essential to conserve and manage our water resources. Some of the ways to conserve water are:

  • Discharge of untreated sewage, agricultural chemicals, and industrial effluents are major contaminants. Water pollution can be checked by treating these effluents, before being drained into the sewage pipes.
  • Proper irrigation methods should be adopted to minimize the wastage of water. The sprinkler can irrigate very large areas. In dry regions where evaporation is very high, drip irrigation is very useful.
  • Water Harvesting methods can be used to conserve water. Water harvesting means to collect rainwater where it falls. Rainwater that falls on the roof, courtyard, etc. is not allowed to flow away. It is collected in dug Wells or tanks for future use with the help of pipes. This water can be used for cleaning, washing, and gardening.
  • In the household uses, consumption of water can be reduced in the following ways:
    • we should use only the required amount of water.
    • Leaking taps should be repaired. A leaking tap wastes 1200 liters in a year.
    • A bucket of water can be used for bathing instead of using a shower or allowing the flow of water unnecessarily from the tap.
  • Recycling of wasted and polluted water can help reducing water shortage. 

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