How to Sell Photos Online and Make Money? Top 3 Famous Websites.

How to Sell Photos Online?

Photography, maybe you still do for the hobby. Even, here you will know how to sell photos online and make money and how you can convert your photography passion into income and earn money by selling Image (Sell original images and make money). It will bring a lot of change in your lifestyle, and you will be able to give a new twist to your career.

Many people are fond of photography, and they know very well when and how a high-class quality photo clicked. But they do all this, just for their hobbies, and they do not earn money from photography. If you also have such a hobby and you ask this question how to sell photos online and make money? If you are searching for the answer, then you came to the right place and here you know about top Image selling sites from where you can earn thousands of dollars.

You can fulfill the dream of earning money by selling the images online, and for this, you will need some better equipment.

How to Become a Professional Photographer?

Most people all over the world click photos for their hobby, for which they use a smartphone or regular digital camera. But if a person wants to change his hobby in his career. For that, he will have to change his passion.

  • The most important thing is that you take the online photography courses. So that you can learn when and how to click a photo and which lens, mode, and camera will be right for any kind of picture you take.
  • You cannot earn money by clicking a photo from the phone, for this, you will have to invest in some better photography equipment such as you need to invest in a good quality DSLR camera.
  • If you want to sell a photo on a marketplace, you have to read all the terms and conditions related to it so that you can sell the right image on the right market.
  • Select lens, camera, and location according to marketplace conditions.
  • There should be copyright associated with the image you are clicking, so you should take the help of image copyright laws.

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Top Sites for Image Selling Online:

1- Adobe Stock Image - Adobe is an American company, and it is famous for its premium quality software applications all over the world. Adobe Photoshop is the most popular software of the company.

Adobe stock image is not a computer software but is the top image marketplace site where high-resolution, royalty-free images are bought and sold. Along with this, 3D models, 4k videos, and editorial templates are also available here. All the top businesses in the world purchase images from here and all the top photographers in the world sell pictures here.

2-  Shutter Stock - This is also an American company, but it is not a software but a stock photography site where more than 250 million stock photos are available. It is the top site in the world in terms of stock video, photo, graphics, and daily 200k new stock add on it.

It is present in more than 150 countries and has been joined by 650k contributors who provide daily world-class images, video, vector content. It is at the top of the list to earn money online from image selling.

3- Imagesbazaar - This is India's largest stock image collection website, ImagesBazaar is the hub of making money for Indian photographers and models, here every month millions of new images added, and new contributors added.

How to earn money by selling an image?

We have gained this information that we must have the skills and equipment to sell the image, and we can earn money by selling a photo online. Now we know how to make money, how can we join these top stock image marketplace.

There are two types of accounts in any marketplace, one is for the customers who buy the image and one for the contributor who sells the image, and on these three top websites, you have to create a contributor account. Let's see how?

1- Adobe Stock Image contributor account:

Step 1. First, open

Step 2. If you already have Adobe ID, then you can log in directly. But if not, then click on 'Get Started.'

Step 3. Enter the name, email, password, and DOB in the signup form and click on the signup button.

Step 4. Whatever confirmation email has used for the account, there must have been a confirmation mail on it. Open the mail and confirm the account.

Step 5. Your account has verified, click on the 'Click here to continue' link.

Step 6. Now your image selling dashboard will be in front of you from where you can upload the images.

Note: You will have to go to the contributor account option to receive payment and provide all the details in bulk.

2- Shutter Stock Image contributor account:

Step A. Open this link

Step B. Enter the name, email, and password in the signup form and click on Next.

Step C. Verify the email has been mailed on the email using which the account has been created and verify the account by clicking the link.

Step D. 'Thanks, your email has been verified!'

Step E. Enter address and phone number.

Step F. Now you have come to the contributor dashboard, from here, you can upload the image to sell, enter the payment detail.

3- ImageBazaar Image contributor account:

Step i. Here you will get all the information related to Imagebazaar contributor to join it.

Step ii. If you want to join Imagebazaar, then click this link

Step iii. No direct signup form will found on Imagebazaar; you will have to personally contact for this and send your portfolio.

Step iv. Contributor portfolio mail [email protected]

Step v. Direct call 011-66545466

I hope you have understood how to earn money by selling an image? And how can you sell a photo on top image selling site? These are a few marketplaces that can change the photography passion of any person in a photography career and earn good money every month, which will completely change your lifestyle.

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