Hello friends, if you have a Samsung brand Smartphone, and you want to hard reset/format it. Then you are exactly right. Because now you will know here that Samsung Phone Ko Hard Reset / Format Kaise Kare? And what kind of benefit and loss can be caused by this?

Be it a Smartphone of any brand, resetting each one means the same. But we are able to hard reset/format them differently according to the phone features and user interface.

The Samsung Company’s Galaxy Series smartphones are the most famous. Whether it is Samsung Galaxy 8 or Galaxy J Prime, all phones are more than one. But there are some phones in this series in which we get to see the problem, sometimes our phone is switched off by calling or due to storage becomes full,

So in this way, we need Samsung Phone hard reset/format and here I have told about some easy and best ways to do Hard Reset / Format Samsung Phone, by using these methods we can reset almost all Samsung Smartphone. Like… Samsung Galaxy A Series, Samsung Galaxy J Series, etc.

How to Do Samsung Phone Hard Reset:

Whenever we go to format a phone, we feel that both Factory Reset and Hard Reset are one thing. But if seen technically, here both are different from each other and we can use this two technologies to format the phone differently.

On resetting the factory, the hardware and software of our phone become complete format. That is, everything on the phone is reset. whereas

On hard reset, only the hardware format of the phone is reset, and the Hard Reset technique is a part of the Factory reset.

In a very small phone, we get the option of both Factory Reset and Hard Reset. If we talk about Samsung phones, then in this we get the option of Factory Reset. If we have to format Samsung Mobile then for this we can just use the Factory reset Technique. Here are two ways of Samsung Phone Hard Reset or Factory reset technique. We can use anyone according to our convenience. So let’s see…

1: First way to Reset / Hard Reset Samsung Phone:

Button and features of each phone are different, so we have to hard reset each phone differently. If we talk about Samsung Phone, then we get a Home Button, which we use to reset Samsung Phone hard reset Or Factory.

If you have any Samsung Android Smartphone, then it can be hard reset by using the Technique mentioned here. For this, we first have to switch off the phone.

After switching off the phone, we have to press the Volume Up Button, Home Button and Power Button simultaneously and do not leave it till then. Until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.

Button has to be released as soon as the Samsung logo appears and after that, we will get to see some option on the back background on the screen. We have to select Wipe Data / Factory reset Option using the Volume button and Confirm using Home Button.

As soon as we configure the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. We come to select Yes / No. We have to select the Yes option from here.

As soon as we select Yes, the process of deleting all the user data of our phone starts and this process is completed in no time. After that, we have to reboot the phone.

After rebooting the Samsung Phone, as soon as it opens. At that time our phone is completely reset.

2: Another way to Reset Samsung Phone Factory

The first way is such that not everyone can use Samsung Phone hard Reset / Format. Because very often we cannot reach Hard Reset Option in it. For such users, this second method is best to reset Samsung Phone hard Reset or Factory. And you can adopt this method only if your phone runs. So let’s see…

Every phone has an option of data reset and backup. By doing that, we can save the backup of the phone on Cloud Storage (Google Drive) and if you want to format the phone, then you can format it. We also get such an option on Samsung phones.

In Samsung Phone Setting we get a Backup & reset Option. Using this option, we can hard reset or factory reset the phone. Just for this, we have to go to the Setting option and click on the Backup & reset option.

As soon as we click on Backup Reset Option, we will see many options, we have to select Factory Data Reset option from this option.

After clicking Factory Data Reset Option, all we have to do is click on Reset Device Button and all the data of our phone such as Photo, Music, Video, Images, Apps and other user data will be deleted and our Phone Completely Format Will be done.

Friends, there are two ways by which we can do almost all Samsung Phone Hard Reset / Format. Whether it is Samsung J Series or Samsung S Series. The second way is a bit easier, but if you have forgotten the password/pattern of the phone, then the first way for you can be the best to do Samsung Phone hard reset/format. You must share your thoughts in the comment.


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