All You Need To Know About Teenage Aggression. How To Deal With Teenage Aggression?

Teenage aggression

Teenage is a special part of one’s life. A person’s sweet, sour, and bitter memories are carried by this period. Every person explores through new experiences, realizes his/her responsibilities, and takes away to fulfill his duties. It is also a period where mood swings and tensed time occurs. It is also regarded as one of the periods when difficult moments arise for both parents as well as teenagers.

But teenage is also about undergoing various changes. Changes in different aspects like psychological, physical, social, and emotional changes are likely to occur. The inability to adapt with changes brings certain aggression among teenagers. This term is regarded as teenage aggression. Thus it can be defined as “the hostile and violent action, behaviors that is displayed by teenagers.”

Although the changes going on with teenagers are regarded as the cause of teenage aggression, many other factors also influence this sort of aggression. Besides these changes, other factors are, the tendency to imitate things, curiosity, that flourishes within them every time encourages them to try new things. Also, the overexposure to violent media and technology contributes to teenage aggression.

With these rapidly growing steps towards teenage life, teenagers often look forward to imitating things. Imitation does not only limit to his friends but even to his elders and even to some negative aspects to western culture. In this process of imitation, teenagers are likely to get involved with drugs, alcohol, and smoking. As a result, changes occur in their display and his character as a whole.

Likewise, since teenagers are always curios about themselves, about these surroundings, they go on trying new things. And it is not always certain that these new things may be correct enough. So, mostly these curiosities lead them towards the dark phases of their life. As a result, both frustrations and aggression have chances to grow high or rise up easily as a mountain which cannot be handled by us.

In today’s era teenage aggression is a rising problem. This problem is arising continuously as a global issue. Many consequences that arise due to teenage aggression are every year taking the lives of hundreds of teenagers. Every year hundreds of creative minds are leaving this world without even letting this creativity produce fruitful results in the near future. So, this problem should be addressed quickly with some effective steps.

Although teenage aggression is a complex issue, it can be resolved through some effective roles from parents, teachers, role models, and teens themselves. Parents must try to understand their teens and find out the main cause of this aggression. They must show their love and generosity to the teens.

As we know, metal can be killed only by metal; likewise, teens can be handled only by teens. Teenagers of the same age can help other teenagers to overcome his fear, his losses, his interest, and it can be worthful to tackle them and find a good solution. Even the teachers can comprise a bridge between parents and teens and provide better counseling which may rescue teens from aggression. Moreover, teens must be given proper guidance, counseling, and love wherever necessary. So that their aggression won’t show up and can lead the bright future ahead.

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